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Karte Schaugarten Tulip Store 2021

BED 1   BED 2   BED 3   BED 4   BED 5   BED 6  
31Mix B32Mix A 101Mix H102Mix C 185Spring Break Mix186Paintbrush 275Tequila Sunrise276Nicii French 365Shirley Double366Amazing Grace 449Hemisphere450Shirley Double
30Spring Feeling Mix33Mix E 100Purple Doll103Pink Treasure 184Spring Break187Victoria Secret Mix 274Magic Lavender277Spring Tide 364Delight Mix367Secret Perfume 448Istanbul451World Friendship
29Mix F34Mix D 99Royal Flames104Olivia's Dream 183Silk Road188Brown Sugar 273Stella's Choice278Sweet Dreams Mix 363Tres Chic Festival368Whispering Dream 447Copper Image452Salmon Pearl
28White Mix35Mix G 98Romantic Spring105Purple Explosion 182Parade189La Belle Epoque 272Bellsong279Honeymoon 362Carrousel369Victoria Secret Pink 446Exotic Emperor453Bella Blush
27Pink Mix36Purple Mix 97Sunlover106Double Sugar 181Brownie190Red Impression 271Red Dress280Pays Bas 361L0 4370Dazzling Sensation 445Firework454Candy Club
26Orange Mix37Red Mix 96White Liberstar107Slawa 180Hollands Glorie191Niigata 270Van Eijk281Spring Green 360DCR 10371DR 6 444Catherina455Apricot Foxx
25Dark Mix38Yellow Mix 95New Santa108White Parrot 179Conqueror192LBL Yellow 269Rainbow Parrot282Justyna 359DCP 28372DR 1 443Dream Club456Pacific Pearl
24Tulip Store 75 days 39Tulip Store 75 days 94Mount Tacoma109Praestans Shogun 178Happy Spring193Salmon van Eijk 268Crown of Negrita283Elba 358DWP 1373DCO 7 442Strong Love457Design Impression
23Grobina40Queensday 93White Triumphator110Party Time Mix 177Hella Lights194Kingsblood 267Rococo Double284Antartica Flame 357Bombastic Red374Rosy Delight 441Update458Huis ten Bosch
22Yellow Angel41Bernadette 92Vanilla Coup111Roodkapje 176Nachtwacht195Mystic van Eijk 266Zoe285Boston 356Gabrielle Double375Verona Design 440Denmark459Lambada
21Monsella42Cape Town 91Menton112Uncle Tom 175Orange van Eijk196Holland Beauty 26515-RA-03-3286Rozalyn 355Masterpiece376Argos 439Yellow Pomponette460Hemisphere
20Bastogne43Vincent van Gogh 90Little Queen113Pretty Princess 174Gavota197Lilac Love 264Valery Gergiev287Rem's Favourite 354Amazing Grace377Flashpoint 438Niigata461Tresor
19Kees Nelis44Prins Claus 89Lady Jane114Irene Parrot 173Rem's Favourite198Gudoshnik Double 263La Courtine Parrot288La Romaine 353Verandi378Curry 437Black Parrot462Bullit
18Madame Lefeber45Monte Carlo 88Park Dreamway115Black Parrot 172Backpacker199Seadov 262Saigon Double289Crown of Dynasty 352Surrender379Replay 436Jaap Groot463Strong Gold
17Red Revival46Bloody Mary 87Versailles116Louvre 171Candela200Apeldoorn 261Parrot Prince290Yellow Vallery 351Paradise City380Elegant Crown 435Pink Star464Muscadet
16Time Out47Fringed Elegance 86Wicked in Pink117Le Lavandou 170Jan Reus201Candy Prince 260Castella291Indiana 350Silver Parrot381Fredom Flames 434Flugel465Sweet Simone
15Lemmon Chiffon48Margarita 85Arc de Triumph118Avignon Parrot 169Rembrandt Selection202Yosemite 259Santander292Beyonce 349Katinka382Sartre 433Shell466Inxs
14Vauclose Rouge49Orange Legion 84Louvre Orange119Jonquieres 168Lotta's Favourite203Flaming Memory 258Donatello293Outfit 348Dancing Queen383Angelique 432Kamaliya467Time Out
13Rosy Diamond50Silver Cloud 83Heartbreaker120Ravanna 167Ad Rem Parrot204Rubies and Pearls 257Limerick294Brisbane 347Vampire384Brisbane 431Esprit468Jinan
12Blushing Girl51Cosmopolitan 82Sunny Prince121Buenos Aires 166Pink Impression205Pink Sound 256Las Palmas295Sensual Touch 346Pink Jimmy385Michael 430Fay469Nastaya
11100% NL52Antartica 81Labrador122Sensual Touch 165Big Love206Lady van Eijk 255bakeri Lilac Wonder296Neglige 345Jimmy386Purple Heart 429Miranda470Magento
10Crown of Dynasty53Indian 80Vaya con Dios123Claudia 164Vaya con Dios207Orange Princeps 254Calgary297Red Foxtrot 344Innuendo387Estatic 428Golden Parade471Foxtrot
9Mondiono54Hotspot 79Rhapsody of Smiles124Snow Crystal 163Golden Parade208Apricot Impression 253Ice Cream298Queensland 343Heartbeat388Parrot King 427Dow Jones472Antartica
8Bodybuilder55Salmon Dynasty 78Purple Dream125Bendigo 162Helmar209Design Impression 252San Clemente299Time Out 342Dreamland389Apricot Parrot 426Dynasty473Time Out
7Qatar56Ozon 77Cherry Custard126Royal Centennial 161Salmon Impression210Olympic Flame 251Ice Cream Strawberry300Foxy Foxtrot 341Atena390Florence 425Ferrari474Purple Crystal
6Golden Parade mut.57Lalibela 76Parrot King127On Stage 160Estella Rijnveld211Ad Rem 250Foxtrot301Cairns 340Flaming Flag391DP 14 424Banja Luka475Gorilla
5Caviar58Ferrari 75Lilac Frizzles128Sugar Crystal 159Dutch Romance212Purple Heart 249New Castle302Double You 339Piste392Estella Rijnveld 423Queen of Night476Royal Virgin
4Sunrise Dynasty59Jaap Groot 74Liquorice Candy129Ebony & Ivory 158Exclusive Tulips Mix213Everlasting Love 248Ice Cream Banana303Perth 338Barcelona393Rodeo Drive 422Rose Marat477Viking
3Pallada60Dow Jones 73Denmark130Antraciet 157Orange Briljant214Hotpants 247Lingerie304Cracker Parrot 337DL11394DCO 9 421Purple Jaws478Purple Star
2Fay61Foxtrot 72White Touch131Ben van Zanten 156Red Wave215Flaming Crown 246Katinka305Red Princess 336Match395DCR 111 420Qatar479Pink Treasure
1Golden Parade 62Denmark 71Tompouce132Blushing Beauty 155DCP 2216DCP 15 245Spirit306Hermitage Double 335Salmon Jimmy396Parrot Gold 419Lalibela480Senna
     70Dutch Heritage133Flair 154National Velvet217Synaeda Amor 244Antartica Fire307Dubbel geel 334Sweetheart397Thuegron 418Green Mile481Danique
     69DJ Parrot134Creme Upstar 153Light and Dreamy218Izumi 243Fostery King308Green King 333Washington398Dolls Minuet 417Yankee482Emma
     68Dolls Minuet135Danceline 152Merlot219DCP 4 242Crystal Star309Air 332Icoon399Mascotte 416Double Twist483Cracker Parrot
     67Double Flaming Bird136Dordogne 151Dafeng220Mango Charm 241Victoria Secret310Muscadet 331Menton400Blushing Lady 415Hawaii484Sunrise Dynasty
     66Don Quichotte137Black Hero 150Fly Away221Night Club 240Sky High Scarlet311Big Love 330Marilyn401Pink Size 414Parade485Caviar
     65Bonfire Toffee138Color Parade 149Pink Cameo222Royal Centennial 239Sugar Crystal312Budlight 329Calgary Flames402Great Barrier Reef 413Exclusive Tulips Mix486Columbus
     64Carnaval de Nice139Brest 148Family van Eijk223Dream Touch 238DO313Snow Crystal 328Red Jimmy403Crispy Mary 412White Shark487Spring Feeling
     63Candy Frills140Pretty in Pink Mix 147French Rubies224Dream Carpet 237Elegant Lady314CP 1 327Secret Perfume404DCR 13 411Uliane488Snowhill
          146Green Wave225Esthers Favourites 236Purissima315DCP 15 326DL14405Caravelle Design     
          145Pink Treasure226Tulip Festival 235Smirnoff316Lambada 325LP3406DCP 55     
          144Ballerina227Best Friends 234Vermont317Flamenco 324DCP20407Creme Upstar     
          143Aunt Green Mix228Apricot Parrot 233Vanilla Coup318Buster 323DP16408LP 1     
          142Amazing Parrot229Amsterdam 232Cacharel319Duet 322Hein409Just Kissed     
          141Angelique230Flaming Purisima 231DCO 3320NP 12 321DL 4410DL 2     
Tulpen in alphabetischer Reihenfolge                       
11100% NL137Black Hero 447Copper Image337DL11 446Exotic Emperor83Heartbreaker 81Labrador33Mix E 388Parrot King37Red Mix 50Silver Cloud411Uliane
26515-RA-03-3115Black Parrot 51Cosmopolitan326DL14 148Family van Eijk322Hein 89Lady Jane29Mix F 261Parrot Prince305Red Princess 350Silver Parrot112Uncle Tom
211Ad Rem437Black Parrot 314CP 1238DO 2Fay177Hella Lights 206Lady van Eijk35Mix G 110Party Time Mix17Red Revival 240Sky High Scarlet441Update
167Ad Rem Parrot46Bloody Mary 304Cracker Parrot68Dolls Minuet 430Fay162Helmar 57Lalibela101Mix H 280Pays Bas156Red Wave 107Slawa264Valery Gergiev
309Air132Blushing Beauty 483Cracker Parrot398Dolls Minuet 58Ferrari449Hemisphere 419Lalibela9Mondiono 303Perth169Rembrandt Selection 235Smirnoff347Vampire
354Amazing Grace12Blushing Girl 134Creme Upstar66Don Quichotte 425Ferrari460Hemisphere 316Lambada21Monsella 149Pink Cameo173Rem's Favourite 124Snow Crystal270Van Eijk
366Amazing Grace400Blushing Lady 407Creme Upstar258Donatello 445Firework306Hermitage Double 459Lambada45Monte Carlo 166Pink Impression287Rem's Favourite 313Snow Crystal92Vanilla Coup
142Amazing Parrot8Bodybuilder 403Crispy Mary136Dordogne 133Flair196Holland Beauty 256Las Palmas94Mount Tacoma 346Pink Jimmy379Replay 488Snowhill233Vanilla Coup
229Amsterdam357Bombastic Red 10Crown of Dynasty67Double Flaming Bird 317Flamenco180Hollands Glorie 192LBL Yellow310Muscadet 27Pink Mix79Rhapsody of Smiles 245Spirit14Vauclose Rouge
141Angelique65Bonfire Toffee 289Crown of Dynasty106Double Sugar 215Flaming Crown279Honeymoon 117Le Lavandou464Muscadet 401Pink Size267Rococo Double 184Spring Break80Vaya con Dios
383Angelique285Boston 268Crown of Negrita416Double Twist 340Flaming Flag214Hotpants 15Lemmon Chiffon195Mystic van Eijk 205Pink Sound393Rodeo Drive 185Spring Break Mix164Vaya con Dios
52Antartica139Brest 242Crystal Star302Double You 203Flaming Memory54Hotspot 153Light and Dreamy176Nachtwacht 435Pink Star98Romantic Spring 30Spring Feeling353Verandi
472Antartica294Brisbane 378Curry60Dow Jones 230Flaming Purisima458Huis ten Bosch 75Lilac Frizzles469Nastaya 103Pink Treasure111Roodkapje 487Spring Feeling234Vermont
244Antartica Fire384Brisbane 151Dafeng427Dow Jones 377Flashpoint253Ice Cream 197Lilac Love154National Velvet 145Pink Treasure422Rose Marat 281Spring Green375Verona Design
284Antartica Flame188Brown Sugar 135Danceline391DP 14 390Florence248Ice Cream Banana 257Limerick296Neglige 479Pink Treasure374Rosy Delight 277Spring Tide87Versailles
130Antraciet181Brownie 348Dancing Queen323DP16 434Flugel251Ice Cream Strawberry 247Lingerie249New Castle 339Piste13Rosy Diamond 273Stella's Choice241Victoria Secret
200Apeldoorn312Budlight 481Danique372DR 1 150Fly Away332Icoon 74Liquorice Candy95New Santa 109Praestans Shogun126Royal Centennial 463Strong Gold187Victoria Secret Mix
455Apricot Foxx121Buenos Aires 25Dark Mix371DR 6 243Fostery King53Indian 90Little Queen276Nicii French 140Pretty in Pink Mix222Royal Centennial 442Strong Love369Victoria Secret Pink
208Apricot Impression462Bullit 370Dazzling Sensation224Dream Carpet 61Foxtrot291Indiana 168Lotta's Favourite221Night Club 113Pretty Princess99Royal Flames 128Sugar Crystal477Viking
228Apricot Parrot318Buster 231DCO 3443Dream Club 250Foxtrot344Innuendo 116Louvre191Niigata 44Prins Claus476Royal Virgin 239Sugar Crystal43Vincent van Gogh
389Apricot Parrot232Cacharel 373DCO 7223Dream Touch 471Foxtrot466Inxs 84Louvre Orange438Niigata 236Purissima286Rozalyn 97Sunlover333Washington
85Arc de Triumph301Cairns 394DCO 9342Dreamland 300Foxy Foxtrot114Irene Parrot 408LP 1320NP 12 474Purple Crystal204Rubies and Pearls 82Sunny Prince368Whispering Dream
376Argos254Calgary 216DCP 15307Dubbel geel 381Fredom Flames448Istanbul 325LP3104Olivia's Dream 100Purple Doll262Saigon Double 4Sunrise Dynasty96White Liberstar
341Atena329Calgary Flames 315DCP 15319Duet 147French Rubies218Izumi 18Madame Lefeber210Olympic Flame 78Purple Dream55Salmon Dynasty 484Sunrise Dynasty28White Mix
143Aunt Green Mix171Candela 155DCP 270Dutch Heritage 47Fringed Elegance59Jaap Groot 470Magento127On Stage 105Purple Explosion161Salmon Impression 352Surrender108White Parrot
118Avignon Parrot454Candy Club 359DCP 28159Dutch Romance 356Gabrielle Double436Jaap Groot 274Magic Lavender157Orange Briljant 36Purple Explosion 335Salmon Jimmy 278Sweet Dreams Mix412White Shark
172Backpacker63Candy Frills 219DCP 4358DWP 1 174Gavota170Jan Reus 220Mango Charm49Orange Legion 212Purple Heart452Salmon Pearl 465Sweet Simone72White Touch
255bakeri Lilac Wonder201Candy Prince 406DCP 55426Dynasty 1Golden Parade345Jimmy 48Margarita26Orange Mix 386Purple Heart193Salmon van Eijk 334Sweetheart93White Triumphator
144Ballerina42Cape Town 324DCP20129Ebony & Ivory 163Golden Parade468Jinan 330Marilyn207Orange Princeps 421Purple Jaws252San Clemente 217Synaeda Amor86Wicked in Pink
424Banja Luka405Caravelle Design 360DCR 10283Elba 428Golden Parade119Jonquieres 399Mascotte175Orange van Eijk 478Purple Star259Santander 275Tequila Sunrise451World Friendship
338Barcelona64Carnaval de Nice 395DCR 111380Elegant Crown 6Golden Parade mut.409Just Kissed 355Masterpiece293Outfit 7Qatar382Sartre 397Thuegron417Yankee
20Bastogne362Carrousel 404DCR 13237Elegant Lady 475Gorilla282Justyna 336Match56Ozon 420Qatar199Seadov 16Time Out22Yellow Angel
453Bella Blush260Castella 364Delight Mix482Emma 402Great Barrier Reef432Kamaliya 91Menton456Pacific Pearl 423Queen of Night327Secret Perfume 299Time Out38Yellow Mix
272Bellsong444Catherina 62Denmark431Esprit 308Green King246Katinka 331Menton186Paintbrush 40Queensday367Secret Perfume 467Time Out439Yellow Pomponette
131Ben van Zanten5Caviar 73Denmark387Estatic 418Green Mile349Katinka 152Merlot3Pallada 298Queensland480Senna 473Time Out290Yellow Vallery
125Bendigo485Caviar 440Denmark160Estella Rijnveld 146Green Wave19Kees Nelis 385Michael182Parade 269Rainbow Parrot122Sensual Touch 71Tompouce202Yosemite
41Bernadette77Cherry Custard 209Design Impression392Estella Rijnveld 23Grobina194Kingsblood 429Miranda414Parade 120Ravanna295Sensual Touch 363Tres Chic Festival266Zoe
227Best Friends123Claudia 457Design Impression225Esthers Favourites 198Gudoshnik Double361L0 4 32Mix A351Paradise City 271Red Dress433Shell 461Tresor  
292Beyonce138Color Parade 69DJ Parrot213Everlasting Love 178Happy Spring189La Belle Epoque 31Mix B88Park Dreamway 297Red Foxtrot365Shirley Double 226Tulip Festival  
165Big Love486Columbus 410DL 2158Exclusive Tulips Mix 415Hawaii263La Courtine Parrot 102Mix C396Parrot Gold 190Red Impression450Shirley Double 24Tulip Store 75 days   
311Big Love179Conqueror 321DL 4413Exclusive Tulips Mix 343Heartbeat288La Romaine 34Mix D76Parrot King 328Red Jimmy183Silk Road 39Tulip Store 75 days   

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