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Sustainability at Tulip Store

Why is sustainable entrepreneurship important?

Sustainable entrepreneurship is important because it contributes to the conservation of natural resources and protects the environment for future generations. By incorporating environmentally friendly practices into the process, such as reducing waste, energy efficiency, and using renewable resources, we can reduce our carbon footprint. Furthermore, sustainable entrepreneurship promotes socially responsible behavior, strengthens a company's reputation, and can lead to cost savings. It also contributes to the well-being of employees and the wider community, ultimately leading to a more equitable and sustainable economy.


At Tulip Store we are committed to sustainability in all our business processes. Below you can read how we contribute to a greener future:

✓ Packaging: We only use paper and cardboard packaging, without plastic. We also use the smallest possible boxes to ship orders. This saves space and also transport costs.

✓ Solar panels: Our building is equipped with 400 solar panels, which contributes to our energy supply.

✓ Electric passenger transport: Our transport is electric, which reduces our CO2 emissions.

✓ Power management: Devices that are not in use are turned off. In unused rooms, the light and heating remain off.

✓ Waste separation: Waste is carefully separated for recycling.

✓ Reusable materials: Our staff does not use disposable cups; everything is washed.

✓ Paperless working: We strive to work digitally as much as possible and also like to receive digital information.

At Tulip Store we believe that every step counts towards a more sustainable world and we are proud of our commitment to making environmentally friendly choices in every aspect of our business.

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